Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton is a beautiful lake located in West Hamilton. The calm waters of the lake offer picture-perfect opportunities for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Canoeing is a common
activity at the lake, it is also common to spot visitors sailing into the sunset or rowing. For those who love fishing, Lake Hamilton is the perfect location to sink a line. A walking track that doubles up as a cycling track surrounds the lake, giving magnificent views as you walk or ride by.

There is also a Lakes Edge Adventure Playgound to keep the kids occupied.

Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum

The museum is based in the Ansett company’s original aircraft hangar, which has been relocated to Hamilton and displays a collection of over 1000 objects from throughout the history of Ansett
Airlines. It is therefore not surprising that one of the centre pieces at the Museum is a Fokker Universal plane quite similar to the very first Fokker that Ansett purchased, in addition to a studebaker, the car he used to get to Ballarat back in the 1930’s.

Hamilton Botanic Gardens

The Hamilton Botanic Gardens were designed by William Guilfoyle, one of the greatest garden designers in Australia. He had also designed the famous Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and
when visiting both gardens, you will be able to spot the similarities between the two. Hamilton Botanic Gardens contain an exceptional collection of plants from the nineteenth and early
twentieth centuries. This is the reason behind the significance of this garden. It consists of eight trees that are founded as significant tree species and they are noted on the Register of Significant
Trees in Victoria. It is a great place to visit. during your vacation to Hamilton

Hamilton Art Gallery

The Hamilton Art Gallery is one of the most popular tourist spots within the Grampians region. It has many exclusive collections of fine and decorative items from all over the world. The Gallery features over 8000 pieces of artwork in six modern art galleries, many of which come from the eighteenth century.

It is a must-see place for people who are interested in fine arts. If you are planning to visit Hamilton, make some time to view the interesting displays at the Hamilton Art Gallery.

Wannon Falls

Wannon Falls is an exceptional phenomenon of nature which lies just 20kms from Hamilton.
The formation of the waterfalls resulted from the directional flow of lava to Wannon River, resulting in the spectacular display of waterfall that is seen today.
A closer look at the falls reveal the presence of an intricate structure made from basalt lava. The water at the fall’s rushes over this structure to the pool at the bottom; a breathtaking view.
There are also several walking trails near to Wannon Falls which range from easy to moderate in

The turnoff to Wannon Falls is 19kms west of Hamilton, just off the Glenelg Highway. Both waterfalls are at their best during June and October. So, bring your best walking shoes and
come for a stroll around Wannon Falls.

Nigretta Falls

Nigretta Falls’ water comes from Wannon River and plunges over numerous rocky structures to create a spectacular display before collecting in a pool and flowing downstream to Wannon Falls,
which is located about 10kms away. At the falls, visitors get to access superb viewing platforms that allow for a panoramic view of the surrounding area. For those who enjoy a bit of walking, there are numerous tracks around the falls where visitors can take in the surrounding forest and wildlife in the area. There are selected fishing areas where visitors can catch a few fish to take home.

For the adrenaline junkie, the stairway made of jarrah timber, and which leads up to the base of the falls certainly provides a thrilling walk.